Racist Neurosurgery? Harvard gets rid of Old White Men

Harvard hospital Dr. Betsy Nabel explained to the Boston Globe why she god rid of white old men luminaries from her hospital’s amphiteater? Yes, really.

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Identity groups & Civilizations: Populism, Italy, Tommy, Gun Culture

May 2018 update on current political events from an Objectivist perspective.

What happens when identity politics is actually a clash of civilizations, not simply cultures.

Italian Populism, The League and the Five Star Movement. President Mattarella in defense of the EU, refuses euroskeptic (eurosceptic) minister. Populism grows in new elections.

America and identity politics. What happens when American (Western) civilization becomes a subset culture in its own territory, a part of the whole and no longer the starting point. Implicitly Western and white Republican party. Minority averages and the minority within the minority which we want.

Tommy Robinson and the clash of civilizations within the UK (Great Britain).

The European Union’s social engineering and the real threat to Liberty. National populism and sovereignty.

#FreeTommy #WeAreTommy

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Self-made Soul vs Self-made Identity

The following post originally appeared on Sat, 2017-06-17 at SoloPassion.com

Let’s make it clear: Ayn Rand and contemporary leftism do not share in cultural marxism. Objectivists who do, we shall henceforth designate as Obleftivists.

This “self-identifying as…” business is not compatible with Objectivism, with reality, with logic. Man as a being of self-made soul on the other hand refers to your chosen values, your goals and achievements, your moral character.

Furthermore, the New Objectivists must avoid associating with SJWs and cuckservatives. The New Objectivist will have open dialogue with the New Right in all its incarnations; the new counter-cultural movement which is taking over America and the West.

Why are people attracted to the New Right? Because they offer a worldview which recognizes basic metaphysical reality as objective, with certain specific attributes which are to be recognized, not tossed aside solipsistically in the name of ideology.

You can find more on this in the video below, and as a special addition you also get to meet Kylo the pupper.

Molyneux & Rand, childhood experience of insecure man on steroids VS John Galt the ideal man

A man uses anabolic steroids to get women’s attention, but Stefan Molyneux gets much deeper into the root causes of this behavior.

No surprise, it’s adverse childhood experience that has melded into this man his insecurity and lack of self-esteem.

I commend Stefan Molyneux and bring his Ayn Rand background to the discussion. Is a John Galt ideal man possible if we do not get rid of terrible parenting practices?

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