Make Objectivism Great Again! The Interview with Lindsay Perigo #MOGA!

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Ladies and Gents, here it is! The long awaited interview has hit Youtube. From the video’s description:

“Dinky little savages”: that’s what Ayn Rand called them…

Obleftivists would have you believe even dinky little savages have the inalienable and absolute “right to travel” and settle into civilized Western countries.

The so-called “Ayn Rand” Institute has converged, alongside the Cato Institute and other Koch brothers funded organizations, with the cultural marxists. They can now properly be called Obleftivists.

My guest today is Lindsay Perigo himself, the author of the MOGA open letter (…).

MOGA’s opening statement is a quote from the great lady herself and here I share it with you:

“For decades, the ‘liberals’ have regarded ‘nationalism’ as an arch-evil of capitalism. They denounced national self-interest—they permitted no distinction between intelligent patriotism and blind, racist chauvinism, deliberately lumping them together—they smeared all opponents of internationalist doctrines as ‘reactionaries,’ ‘fascists’ or ‘isolationists’—and they brought this country to a stage where expressions such as ‘America First’ became terms of opprobrium.” —Ayn Rand

And further, Perigo tells us:

“Obleftivism seems blind to the cultural ravages of unfettered immigration by ideological aliens; indifferent to, possibly even unaware of (from the smug safety of walled, white, well-guarded gated communities) the robberies, assaults, rapes and beheadings perpetrated by them.”

I invite everyone to read the entire statement, which you can find here:…

I know you want more MOGA, so here’s a link to my special video series dedicated entirely to the open letter:…

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Let the sound of Lindsay Perigo’s call to arms reach all those still enchanted by Obleftivist lies! Expose Obleftivism for what it truly is.